The Country Tour – Sunday 11th September 2016

The inaugural ‘Country Tour’ sponsored ride took place on Sunday 11th September.  The first of 120 riders starting at 9.30 am in glorious weather.  Months of preparation, route planning, sign making, entry processing and the help of about 40 people on the day itself made it a great success.

The ride was approximately twelve miles long, with a six mile option, and went north from Albury Hall towards Furneux Pelham and Brent Pelham mainly across private land which is not generally open to the public. There was a mixture of open views, woodland, parkland with some optional jumps along the way.  The day was completed by a delicious BBQ at the start/finish as well as a refreshment stop half way along the twelve mile route.

A total of about £3,000 was raised for the hunt.  This is a great base from which to grow the event in future years.  The Herts Air Ambulance has also said how grateful they are for our continued support and they raised an additional total of £1,200.

All the feedback from the ride participants has been very positive.  Thank you to landowners, hunt supporters, hunt staff and many other friends and family who all gave their time and help.

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Please mark your diaries for next year – Sunday 17th September 2017.