Judging of Young Hounds

The annual judging of young hounds took place in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd of hunt supporters at the Kennels on Sunday, 9th July. 


Edmond Mahoney from the Louth Hunt and Andrew Sallis from the Kimblewick Hunt had the difficult task of judging five couple of dog hounds and five couple of bitches who were beautifully presented by Josh.  They showed extremely well and the Puppy Walkers should be proud of the role they have played in producing such a confident young entry.  After much deliberation the judges placed them in the following order:


Dog Hounds

1st Gruffalo

2nd Grommit

3rd McCloud



1st Mimic

2nd Melody

3rd Grumble





With the exception of Melody, who was walked by Richard Talks and Sarah Tate, the prize winners were all walked by Mr. and Mrs. F. Murray.


Best Working Dog Hound 2016/17 Entry

Marlin (walked by Mr. and Mrs. F. Murray)


Best Working Bitch Hound 2016/17

Marigold (walked by the Pitman family)


We were then treated to the spectacle of the remaining hounds who all looked happy, extremely fit and well and ready to start the season – a credit to Josh and Lee. It was also evident that a lot of time and effort has been spent on the Kennels to provide a very colourful and smart backdrop to the judging.


A most plentiful and delicious tea was provided at Beaches during which the Puppy Walkers (Mrs. R. Ackland, Mr. and Mrs. F. Murray, Miss K. Richardson and Mr. O. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. M. Robinson, Mr. R. Talks and Miss S. Tate, Mrs. J. Weedon) were presented with their much deserved spoons and prizes. 

It cannot be stressed enough just how grateful the Hunt are to the Puppy Walkers for the fantastic work they have done developing the young hounds and would like to especially thank them for all the time and energy they have given.